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If your pet falls ill, becomes injured, or has any other serious or life-threatening emergency, Prospect Park Animal Clinic is here for you. Coming in with as much information as possible will help us to quickly and accurately provide guidance on necessary diagnostics and appropriate treatments to get your pet feeling better again. Noting changes in your pet's behavior, appetite, thirst and urinary habits, and gastrointestinal health are all important details when you bring your pet in for evaluation.

When you bring your pet in for a sick or injury visit, the doctors at PPAC will perform a thorough physical examination. If warranted, the doctors may then recommend x-rays, an ultrasound, bloodwork, or other diagnostic tests. If your pet needs supportive care or medicine, we will provide whatever is needed. In the event that your pet is sick enough to require more intensive care, we may recommend that you take your pet to one of the local emergency and referral hospitals.

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