Medical and Surgical Services

Prospect Park Animal Clinic Offers a Wide Variety of Medical & Surgical Services

Prospect Park Animal Clinic in Brooklyn offers full-service vet care to cats, dogs, and more. We have all of the standard medical services that veterinary offices usually offer, as well as surgical services. Not every veterinarian is qualified to perform surgery on your pet, so some offices will not offer surgical services. To learn more about the medical and surgical services offered by Prospect Park Animal Clinic, read on.   


Medical Services

We offer a large selection of medical services, from check-ups to prescription meds and everything in between. Our wellness exams include skin checks, weight checks, and even an exam of your pet's teeth. One of the medical problems we see often in our clinic is skin irritation. We have a great deal of experience treating pets with skin problems, whether they're caused by food allergies or fleas and ticks. We can also take care of your pet's vaccination needs.  Our veterinarians know exactly what your pet vaccinations your pet needs in order to avoid getting serious diseases.

Surgical Services

Here at the Prospect Park Animal Clinic, we even offer certain surgical services. The most common surgical services that we perform are spaying and neutering. Spaying is the procedure that prevents female animals from being able to produce, while neutering is the procedure for male animals. If you've just welcomed a puppy or kitten into your household, they may not have been fixed yet. They do need to be neutered or spayed when they're old enough. This is a widespread practice done to keep the population of stray cats and dogs under control. You can rest assured that when you come to us the veterinarian who does the procedure on your animal has a great deal of experience with spay and neuter operations. 

Make an Appointment at Prospect Park Animal Clinic Today

Brooklyn's Prospect Park Animal Clinic is here to take care of all your veterinary needs, whether your pet needs to be spayed/neutered or simply needs a routine wellness exam. We have three licensed and experienced doctors on staff to give your pet the highest level of vet care. You can make an appointment with one of our vets by calling us or contacting us through our website. We will work with you to find an appointment time that fits your busy schedule. Contact us today.

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