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  • A case of the wobbles
    Hi All, Oscar here. If you're a human, there are a few things that may upset your center of balance. You might be a baby who has limited control of their body. Or Read more
  • Beware the Super Bowl Buffet
    Hi All, Oscar here.  Did anyone watch the Super Bowl last week? I guess a better question would be did anyone not watch the Super Bowl last week. Apparently, it was the thing to Read more
  • The deadliest cat in the world
    Hi All, Oscar here.  When you think about the deadliest creatures in the animal kingdom, I venture to guess that you think that the domestic cat is somewhere pretty low on the Read more
  • A mouth that just won't open
    Hi all, Oscar here.  Imagine not being able to open your mouth and all the things you wouldn't be able to comfortably do from eating to drinking to talking. Though dogs don't Read more
  • Cat people vs. Dog people
    Hi all, Oscar here, It's been discussed for generations. The age old debate. Are cats better than dogs? Well, as an upstanding citizen, I won't even honor such a disrespectful discourse with an Read more
  • Lady Lydia
    Hi all, Oscar here. Living in Park Slope and being the domestic creatures that we are, it's not often that the PPAC treats patients who are neither cat nor dog. So when Read more
  • It's good to be an indoor pet
    Hi All, Oscar here. I think it's safe to say we are all in agreement that it's been absolutely bitter cold out. Friday and Saturday with those minus ten degree temps? Insanity. This is Read more
  • Ganj but not forgotten
    Hi All, Oscar here.  If you read the news, you'll know that we're in the midst of a very interesting time right now regarding the legalization of marijuana. A mere ten years Read more
  • A short history of animals and the holidays
    Hi All, Oscar here. Whether or not you truly believe that it’s the most wonderful time of the year, I think it’s safe to say that it’s a poignant time of year, filled with Read more
  • In support of Vaccination
    Hi All, Oscar here. For my avid blog readers, you'll remember a couple of blogs I wrote on the importance of vaccinating. One was about a group of people known as Read more
  • Cats Vs. Dogs
    Hi all, Oscar here. You may have heard recent mumblings in the news about this week's topic. And to be honest, I was a bit skeptical about whether or not I should even Read more
  • My-O My-O Myoglobin
    Hi All,Oscar here.As you all know, I try to be as apolitical as possible—doesn't seem like a cat's place to be anything but. That said, there are certain conditions that Read more
  • A dog with a sawhorse gait
    Hi all,Oscar here.I hope you all didn't miss me too much. And yes, I had a relaxing, wonderful vacation, thank you for asking. But back to exciting medical cases we go!You've probably heart of Read more
  • Keep the Koalas
    Hi All,Oscar here.Building off of last week's post about exotic creatures in foreign lands, we have another exciting post for you this week. But as adorable as last week's visuals Read more
  • A different kind of pet
    Hi All,Oscar here. When you think about household pets in Park Slope Brooklyn, you probably think cats, dogs. Maybe a ferret, turtle, guinea pig, bird, or if you go really Read more
  • What's in a name?
    Hi All,Oscar here. It's no secret that names have a ton of meaning behind them. Often, they even set the stage for the person whom they are affixed to's destiny. Read more

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