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Mom...Dad...Where do doggies come from?

Hi All,

Oscar here.

Did you ever think about where domesticated pets came from? It's crazy to think about. Imagine—some person, at some point in history, decided  to just wake up one day and bring their hunting buddies—their dogs—into their home. And when they did that, did the idea even cross their mind that at some point, these formerly outside animals would become irreplaceable fixtures in our homes and lives, and even one day share our food, our homes, our beds??

Well, apparently, according to a recent study, Man (and Woman's) best friend, has been domesticated for nearly 10,000 years and in North America no less. During the study, the skeletal remains of three dogs were unearthed in Illinois. When analyzed, it was clear that the dogs were pets from the way they were buried— with care, and placed in such a way that it was evident that there was a close relationship between the pups and the humans they were buried near.

Turns out, man and beast have been inextricably joined for far longer than any of us may have realized. No wonder we can't live without our furry friends.

Til' next time,


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