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A cat with nine lives

Hi All,

Oscar here.

I'm sure you've heard of the expression, Cat with Nine Lives. However, contrary to some perceptions, cat's don't actually have a greater quantity of lives at their disposal than any other member of the animal kingdom. Rather, they excel in balance and can leap to—and from—great heights, while still landing on their feet and, they're super speedy (when they want to be). This gives off the impression that they are better at escaping danger than other four legged creatures.

But, to every rule, there are exceptions. And last week, a cat (and long time patient of the PPAC) who truly seemed to defy all odds, surviving multiple near death experiences and coming out stronger than ever, came by the clinic. Ok so here's a run down of "Mo the cat's" litany of health issues:

  1. Chondroblastoma, basically a cartilage tumor inside the belly. It's quite atypical for this particular body part but poor Mo was afflicted nonetheless. Fortunately, surgery and a round of chemo cleared the cancer up.
  2. Next the kitty had pancreatitis. Ugh, am i right? But he got over that, too.
  3. Following that, he was diagnosed with diabetes but after getting his diet back on track, this cleared up as well.
  4. Next was kidney failure which led to some high blood pressure.
  5. Last but not least, he became anemic because of his kidney failure.

Good news is, with the loving care of the docs at the PPAC, Mo has continued to get extensions on his life. The latest is, he's on meds to raise his red blood cell count to deal with his anemia. Not all cats have nine lives. but this one sure does!

Til' next time,


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