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The Westminster Dog Show

Hi all,

Oscar here.

While a love of animals makes complete sense to me, and is in fact, a required quality amongst the people I keep in my friendship circle, last week marked an annual occasion that befuddles me a bit. The event, the Westminster Dog Show, is one that garners the same degree of love and obsession as that of sporting events. But why people are infatuated with watching talented, pure-bred, well-coiffed pups run around an obstacle course, never ceases to amaze me. 

That said, it has a nearly cult following and year after year, in the wake of the event, the internet lights up with feelings about the competitors and the results. And as the resident voice of the animal kingdom, I clearly need to share some highlights. First off, in case you didn't hear, the winner of the show was the Wire Haired Terrier, a decision that some feel was erroneous. The internet in fact believes rhe true winner, the long haired Dachsund, was robbed of his rightful title. 

Another pup that had the internet in an uproar was Winky, the Bichon, a dog with good - ole gumption. This tiny pup was less enthused about the obstacle course but super motivated by the applause, as evidenced by the fact that he stopped not once, but twice while padding around the course, for his adoring fans to shower him with applause, Lady Gaga style. Needless to say, he didn't win the competition but he did win some new adoring fans.

Last but not least, while most people don't necessarily think about bulldogs as epitomizing gracefulness, the Westminster Dog Show proved that looks can be deceiving. Just watch this pup doing laps around the course, twirling, bobbing, weaving and leaping their way through the course. It's truly a site to behold. 

These three tales are just a smattering of the stories from the show but as you can see, people love watching these pups. For more highlights, check these out. And who knows, maybe next year, you'll even see me in the audience.

Til' next time,


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