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Cats aren't catty. We're just cats.

Hi All,

Oscar here. This post is for cat lovers out there to help you further understand your pet and, for people who don't like cats because they are confounded by cat behavior so much so that their lack of understanding manifests itself as dislike of felines in general. So basically, it's for everyone. But read on for some good intel.

As a cat, I know my behavior can be seen as....erratic. Inexplicable. Deeply confusing. And I know I'm not alone in these qualities. If you're a cat owner, you've been subjected to our "lick you and then bite you" temperaments. Sometimes, we'll be curled up on your couch loving you one minute, and the next , batting you away with our claws wanting to be left alone. Other times, we'll be rubbing up against your ankles at first and hissing at you, tails fluffed out, ears back next. I know it's confusing. And frustrating. But, a recent article I stumbled upon in Wired Magazine really helps explain a lot about why we do what we do. And what you can do to understand us better.

Here are a few examples that stood out.

1. Just like Marie Kondo, we like having everything in its place. An example of something NOT in its place? When you put our litter box next to the washing machine, or our bed next to the radiator with that incessant heat clanking. This is kind of our idea of a nightmare and even though it's a benign noise to you, we're deeply affected by it. Move our belongings into a nice, quiet place where we can do our thing in peace. We'll be eternally grateful.

2. Don't rub our bellies.  I know when we roll over and show them to you, you're all like OMG they're so cute they totes want us to give them a nice lil' belly rub. Well, guess what? That's pretty much the opposite of what we want when we roll over because our tummies are our most vulnerable part. So when we're rolled over, we just kind of want to be left alone. Not given scratches. So FYI, a little self restraint goes a long way.

3. Not all cats want to be buds. You humans have this deep seated need for everyone to get along and be all buddy buddy. But sometimes, when there's two of us felines under one roof, we're cool with doing our own thing. It's OK. You don't like everyone. Neither do we.

You can read the entirety of the article for a trove of useful information on inter-feline dynamics, but this is a good overview to get you started. Bottom line, we're not like dogs so don't try to treat us like them. And just because we sometimes like to do our own thing doesn't mean we don't like you. 

Til' next time,


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