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Differently-abled pets

0906630001554145366.jpgHi all,

Oscar here. I hope everyone is enjoying Spriiiing which has finally sprung!

Did you know that just like there are differently abled people, there are differently abled animals too? I'm sure you've seen those cutie patootie puppies rolling around on wheeled machines if their back legs have been injured.  Or maybe you've seen adorable three legged cats who are amputees. And just like humans, the causes of these circumstances vary, including everything from animals who were born that way, to illnesses, to amputations.  

Just last week, Dr. S. met with a client who had an 18 year old kitty with a leg tumor. The PPAC team cut out the tumor twice only to have it come back each time. At that point, Dr. S. suggested that since the tumor wasn't going anywhere, it made more sense to remove the leg than to risk the tumor spreading to the rest of the kitty's body. 

A surgery later and the kitty is now a member of the strong willed survivors who need to relearn to walk on three legs. Luckily, cats are resilient creatures who learn to make it work and kitty is on the mend, tumor no more.

So next time you see a three or two legged differently-abled puppy or kitty, don't be sad for them. Think about how strong they are.

Til' next time,


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