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Where do we come from?

0253417001555426433.jpgHi All,

Oscar here.

Do you ever wonder about where we came from? I don't mean like big picture where did we come from. I mean like where did your family come from? Even if you have some vague understanding or idea of your origins, there's still a lot left to chance. For instance, Dr. S.'s parents came from Germany. But what about before then? Where did their parents come from? And their parent's parents? 

Fortunately for those inquisitive individuals, there are ways to trace back genealogy with programs like 23 and Me and My Heritage. And modern marvels never cease—now, you can also even get the genealogy of your beloved pet! Since as you all know, I'm a huge fan of #adoptdontshop, and most of said adoptees are mutts, there are tons of curious pet parents out there who want to know where their beloved fur babies came from. Just go to any puppy park and look around. Sure there are the pure bred doggies. But most of the pets out there are mixed breeds of all different shapes and sizes and you can't help but wonder which combination of genetics created their unique look. And aside from general curiosity, if you've been following my blog over the years, you know that certain breeds are more predisposed to health risks, so knowing your dog's genetic composition is helpful to know for preventative reasons.

Well, ever the curious parents, Dr. S.' middle daughter and her boyfriend wanted to find out which breeds combined had produced their handsome little boy, Bernie, a recent adoptee from Puerto Rico and the Sato Project. So they followed the instructions and swabbed the inside of his cute little mouth, sent it away to Embark and found out that he's mostly Super Mutt!.Yep. Super Mutt. 

Curious? You too can send away and find out what your pet's origins are. And cat lovers? Don't worry—you can feed your cat curiosity, too with BasePaws.

So Embark away and get those DNA tests gain!

Til' next time,


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