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Feel like making love

Hi all,

Oscar here.

Spring has sprung. The weather's getting warmer. Everyone's feeling nice and relaxed. And cats are no exception. You may not know this but October and April are the months when female un-spayed cats go into heat. That's when they feel like making love and may go on the prowl looking for a mate.

Well last week, a male cat came into the PPAC howling, spraying, and with a "greasy tail', something that occurs when male, usually not neutered cats respond to the aforementioned cats in heat. Dr. S. gave the male cat a checkup and upon first inspection, the cat seemed to be neutered which would mean the previous diagnosis didn't really make sense. The cat was also lacking something called "penile spines", little spikes on the cat's nether regions that occur when a cat is not neutered.  

After asking the client for the cat's history, she said that as far as she knew, the cat was neutered (PS, the confusion about this comes from the fact that a cat's testes don't always descend making it hard to determine the cat's "status" if you will). With this information, Dr. S. deduced that the cat was indeed merely responding to the season of cats in heat.

So if your cat has "greasy tail", don't fret. It's a normal condition.

Til' next time,


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