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Holidays Full O' Animals


Hi All,

Oscar here. 

For those of you who celebrated Easter Sunday, Happy belated Easter. And those who celebrated Passover, Happy Passover. Now, while the people who celebrate these holidays are vastly different in terms of what they celebrate and how they celebrate (Matzah pales in comparison to the bounty of Easter chocolate, amirite?!) there's one overlapping component to both of these holidays- animals!

With Easter, there's the whole bunny situation. People are pretty much in the know about that guy and in fact, Cadbury has been showing the same commercial about said bunny for years.
But what you may not have been as aware of is the fact that animals play a pretty pivotal role in the passover seder as well. In fact, when Pharaoh wanted the Jews to stay in Egypt and Moses was all like "let my people go", g-d released some nasty plagues on the Egyptians as encouragement to let the Jews do their thing, many of which were animal-related. Check it out:

  1. Blood. No animals.
  2. Frogs. Check.
  3. Lice. Creepy crawlies but technically still Animalia. 
  4. Beasts. Um yeah.
  5. Pestilence. Yeah No.
  6. Boils. Nope.
  7. Hail. Nope.
  8. Locusts. See above re: creepy crawlies.
  9. Darkness. Nope
  10. Smiting of the first born. Ish.

Bottom line, even if you don't realize it, we animals play a pretty significant role in history if you just look for it. And as per the above, we've been there through it all. 

Til' next time,


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