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A Strange type of Scavenger Hunt

Hi all,

Oscar here.

Last week, a young pup came into the office for a fairly routine procedure—a neuter. However, when Dr. S. went to administer a basic checkup, he noticed something slightly amiss—the pup only had a single testicle! Though this may sound super strange, it's fairly common but either way, said testicle needed to be found in order for the intended procedure to be completed. 

Now, in these circumstances, the first place to look for the missing testicle is in the groin—sometimes, they hang out in there because it's the path the body normally takes embryologically—down through the groin and into the scrotum. Other times, the path is shortened and the little guy hangs out in the belly. Well, as per the title of this article, Dr. S. gloved up and went on a strange scavenger hunt into the body of the pup and surprise surprise, located it in a favorite hiding spot of MIA testicles—right under the urinary bladder.

Once it had been located, the neuter was able to continue as planned but just a cautionary tale, it is important to locate any and all missing body parts because they can have negative implications on the health of the pet—undescended testes for instance can be a potential cause of malignant tumors. So better to have them found and removed than lost and possibly causing harm. 

Til' next time,


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