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Ganj but not forgotten

Hi All,

Oscar here. 

If you read the news, you'll know that we're in the midst of a very interesting time right now regarding the legalization of marijuana. A mere ten years ago, we would never be having the discussions we are currently engaged in. But, as people finally came to the understanding that out of all the felonies worth incarcerating people over, smoking and possessing minimal quantities of pot were not one of them, we've found ourselves in the midst of a marijuana public makeover. 

As pot has become legalized in many states, the frequency with which people keep pot around for recreational use has increased. And, as you might imagine, the reason for my brief history of pot is that as you all start keeping it around more, we animals have more and more access to it. And, since we can't really smoke, and dogs in particular have a bad habit of putting everything into their mouths, you need to be extra cautious about where you keep your stash.

Last week a Pomeranian came into the clinic looking dazed. He was glassy eyed, had dilated pupils, was staggering and had a slow heart rate. Dr. S the elder took the dog into the treatment area to draw some blood and while there, Dr. S the younger said "Dad, that dog looks stoned". Laughing, Dr. S. took another look at the pooch and said that he did look high! Going back into the exam room, Dr. S. said to the pooch's owner, "No judgement here but any chance your dog got a hold of your stash"?

Turns out, the client was one of those owners who was taking advantage of more liberal attitudes to pot and had some lying around the house. Well, his little pooch got his paws on it and decided to have a taste. 

Needless to say, the high wore off in a few hours and the dog is completely fine. But though in this case, the dog wasn't impacted negatively, just to be safe, it's a good idea to keep your pot out of your pet's reach. Their little bodies react differently than ours do and they can't process it in the same way as we are able. It can be harmful to them in certain quantities (not to mention the munchies that are sure to ensue).

So if you're gonna get high around your pets, be safe about it!

Til' next time,


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