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The Museum Of the Dog

0905697001557269786.jpgHi All,

Oscar here.

I'm sure you've heard of the Museum of Ice Cream. The Color Factory.  Even the Mickey Mouse Exhibit. All of these iconic concepts came to life because there were enough people out there who loved them to justify a dedicated museum. Well, every dog has their day and though you may not have known about it I'm here to tell you that a museum exists that's all about  dogs, too.

Way before theme museums became trendy, The American Kennel Club recognized the need for a museum of this nature and decided to launch one in 1982,  filled with all sorts of animalia, dog portraiture, interactive exhibits, learning opportunities and more. They describe the museum as a place that; preserves, interprets and celebrates the role of dogs in society and educates the public about the human-canine bond through its collection of art and exhibits that inspire engagement with dogs. Oh, and my favorite part is that visitors can snap a pic and see which dog breed they most resemble. Apparently, Dr. S. looks like a French Bulldog. What do you think? 

Bottom line, if you have an afternoon with a hankering for some dog history and art, this is a great place to go. But sad news, only service dogs are welcome so keep those pups at home. 

Til' next time, 


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