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A cat with a case of the snorts

Hi all,

Oscar here.

You know when you have a really bad cold and you're all sniffly and can't sleep or breathe because you're so congested? Well, cats with naso-pharyngeal polyps kind of sound like that but even worse. Prevalent in kitties in general, upper respiratory conditions manifest in many different ways, this being just one of them.

Last week, a young kitty came in basically making a terrible snorting sound. On a hunch, Dr. S. sedated the cat and took a look behind his soft palate. This investigation revealed a naso-pharyngeal polyp the size of a grape! Obviously this was more than just a lucky guess-these polyps occur pretty frequently and all lie tucked behind the soft palate. They're attached with a thin stalk so while the kitty was sedated, the doc went in with a pair of surgical forceps and removed the polyp. Once removed, the kitty's nasal issues resolved themselves.

If you have a kitty who seems to be having an exceptionally hard time breathing, and is making the telltale snorting sign mentioned above, it's worth bringing them into the PPAC for a checkup. The issue could be very easily resolved.

Til' next time,


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