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Sometimes a split nail is more than a split nail

Hi All,

Oscar here. In today's case of 'things aren't always as they seem', take 928, as I've said once but i'll say again, animals can't communicate in the same way as we do which leaves a lot of the interpretation lifting to pet parents. Which means it's that much harder for a veterinarian to make a diagnosis. They need to read the unspoken cues to get behind the medical maladies that are presented on a daily basis. And with that said...

A few weeks ago, a pup came into the PPAC with a split nail. The nail happened to be located in the middle of the paw which is a weight bearing nail which meant the pup was extra miserable as a result of it. He was limping and not walking on it. Upon closer inspection, Dr. S. saw that the nail was actually split down the middle. The owner wanted to simply cut the nail in the hopes that it would resolve the problem. But Dr. S. had a hunch that it was being caused by a tumor. After an X-ray revealed that was in fact the case, his diagnosis was to remove the toe (which was housing the tumor) entirely or else the tumor would keep coming back. This unfortunately also involved removing the offending toe. The owner was understandably less than excited by that idea but obviously had the pet's best interest at heart. She ultimately agreed to the amputation surgery.

A week ago, the client brought her pup back in for a checkin and the pup is doing great! He's learning to walk again and is totally happy and ready to go. Point is, in this situation, what appeared to be a simple split nail ended up being something that could have potentially been much much worse if it hadn't been addressed. And even though as humans, we love to self diagnose, sometimes, it's just a good idea to bring in the professionals for a second opinion. 

Til' next time,


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