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Survival of the Cutest

Hi all,

Oscar here.  I’m sure you’ve heard of Darwin and his whole survival of the fittest thing? If you’re living in a nutshell, to sum it up, it basically says that species that evolve based on environmental factors to ensure survival are most likely to, well, survive.

Well, a recent study about man (and woman’s) best friend, implies that there may be a direct correlation between those adorable and captivating puppy dog eyes your pooch flashes at you when they want love, affection or maybe just a snack, and, evolution.

The study revealed that ‘Centuries of domestication have radically reshaped a dog’s eyebrow anatomy, making their faces—and emotions—easily readable to people. When meeting a person’s gaze, dogs often raise their inner eyebrow muscle to make their eyes look larger and more appealing.”

To put the theory to the test, scientists analyzed the facial muscles of a variety of dog breeds as well a selection of wolves, a species anatomically close to dogs. And while for the most part, the two revealed many shared qualities, a glaring difference was the presence of a facial muscle—levator anguli oculi medialis—that dogs use to move their eyebrows upward and inward to give them those adorable, soft, puppy dog eyes. A quality that makes them pretty irresistible to humans.

Crazy stuff! And all I have to say on the matter is I’m pretty happy that this whole 'evolution' is a thing. Because when pups make those faces, even this cat can’t resist them! And I can’t help but wonder whether science has something to do with why we cats are so darn cute, too.

Til’ next time,


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