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Roots and Tooths

Hi All,

Oscar here! Take a minute to think about how many times a day you brush your teeth. 2, maybe 3 times? We spend a lot of time caring for our pearly whites. Now, when it comes to dental care for pets, it's kind of a different bag entirely. As i'm sure you've seen if you've ever tried to brush your pet's teeth, it's no easy feat. As a result, pet's food is specially formulated to keep their teeth clean and, of course, your vets do their part with annual dentistries.

That said, animal's teeth are still sometimes subject to health issues. Just last week in fact, a cat came into the PPAC with red, inflamed gums that appeared to be tender to the touch. But...there were no teeth attached to the affected gums. To see what was going on, Dr. S. anesthetized the kitty and took some X-rays. His sleuthing revealed that while the kitty didn't have teeth, she did have roots hiding beneath her gum line. You may or may not know that teeth are made up of crowns and roots. And basically what happened in this case was, the crowns broke off because the tooth enamel was reabsorbed leaving the roots beneath the surface without any crowns attached to them.

Well, Dr. S. went in and removed the offending roots and the kitty is in pain no more. So bottom line, even if we spend a bit less attention on our pet's teeth than our own, doesn't mean they don't still need some TLC every now and again. Be sure to schedule regular dentistries to keep their teeth in tip-top shape.

Til' next time,


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