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Prospect Park Animal Clinic Celebrates Puppy And Kitten Awareness Month

Prospect Park Animal Clinic Celebrates Puppy And Kitten Awareness Month

Puppies and kittens add so much joy to life, and they are often strongly desired by children. However, these young animals require regular vet care to grow up healthy and thrive in their family households. At Prospect Park Animal Clinic in Brooklyn, NY, we offer a variety of services to help puppies and kittens grow strong and healthy.

Puppies and Kittens Require Special Care

Good nutrition is critical for young animals. Choose a pet food that is specifically formulated for puppies or kittens. Both puppies and kittens require periodic vaccinations, which are administered several weeks apart, until the age of 16 weeks. Young animals are prone to acquire intestinal parasites that can make them sick. Your veterinarian can provide safe and effective medication to eliminate these pests. Flea and tick control can also help keep your pet healthy and prevent the spread of diseases. Keeping your companion animal well groomed, with occasionally baths, brushing, and combing, can help keep his or her coats healthy and attractive.

Making Sure Your Puppy or Kitten Is Safe and Healthy

If you are adopting a new puppy or kitten into your home, make sure you provide a safe space for him or her to grow and play. Remove all hazardous chemicals from the home or keep them in locked cabinets. To avoid electrocution from chewing on cords, keep electrical cords off the ground and out of reach. Keep windows closed or tightly screened. Provide an area of the home where your pet can sleep and play safely.

Outstanding Vet Care in Brooklyn, New York

Our veterinarians, Dr. Leonard Silverman, Dr. Nick Silverman and Dr. Raymond Quim, are dedicated to advancing the health of their patients in Brooklyn and nearby communities at every stage of life. We offer vaccinations, preventative care, spay and neuter surgery, dental care, and boarding. Call Prospect Park Animal Clinic today at 718-768-6125 for an appointment to have your puppy or kitten examined.

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