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A dog that honks like a goose

Hi All,

Oscar here.

Everyone knows the sound of their dogs bark. From the howl of a hound, to the yips of a poodle, to the whine of a rat terrier, each pooch has their own distinct sound that their owner can identify instantly. However, while most dogs sound like dogs, and some lucky owners have those pooches that make no sounds at all, there are cases where dogs don't sound like dogs at all, but rather like another member of the animal kingdom entirely.

Prevalent in smaller dogs, like Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Toy Poodles, there is a condition that tends to crop up in older tiny pups. It's called a tracheal cough and it makes a dog's bark sound like a goose's honk! The medical reason behind this is that basically, when dogs get older, their tracheas, which are made up of cartilage, get weaker and weaker, sometimes even collapsing in on themselves. As a result, sufficient air can't get through their passageways resulting in a honking, coughing sound. Now you might imagine that this sound, emanating from a dog may be quite disturbing. Well, it is not to mention it tends to keep the poor dog's owners up at night as well. 

The treatment for what I like to non-medically refer to as doggy goose syndrome, is with a cough suppressant called hydrocodone which soothes the pup's cough—and the owner's ear drums.

So remember dogs should sound like dogs. Geese should sound like geese. Never the twain shall meet. And if they do, time to call the PPAC to schedule an appointment.

Til' next time,


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