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Don't cut me to the quick!

0653603001565708950.jpgHi All,

Oscar here. 

How often do you get a mani/pedi? Guys, gals and everyone in between care about their nails and invest a decent amount of time and money into making them look good. But I bet, when it comes to your pet's nails, you don't spend nearly as much time contemplating their existence.

But you should.

Think about what happens when you don't trim your nails. You get hang nails and they get caught or snagged on everything. Pet's nails are no different. Now, if you have a city dog who lives in an environment where there are sidewalks, their back legs mostly sort themselves out through natural wear and tear. Their front legs however are another story entirely and just like we need to regularly trim those bad boys, theirs need to be sorted out by us as well! And if you have a mostly indoor pup or one who usually gets walked on grass, all four sets of nails will need clipping.

Take Dr. S. and Mrs. Silverman's dog, Bernie. Last week, Dr. S. came up from the PPAC and noticed that little Bernie had a bloody nail! Bernie, who mostly gets walked in Prospect Park on soft forgiving grass had grown his nails out quite a bit and as mentioned above, got one of his little nails caught and it ripped right off! He's on antibiotics and totally fine but a quick trim would have prevented this entirely.

Bottom line, your pup's nails should be cut around once a month, longer or shorter depending on the above conditions. And just like you keep yours nice and trim, same rules should be applied for your pet. Now, as far as maintenance, you can take your pet to the PPAC for a monthly mani/pedi, visit your local Petco or Petsmart or, for those adventurous sorts, you can cut them yourself! Just be sure to not trim past the paw pad or you might nick their quicks (blood vessels in pup's nail) and draw blood. Here's a quick guide to nail trimming but for first time pet parents, best to consult your doc for a how-to lesson.

Til' next time,


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