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Cat people vs. Dog people

Hi all,

Oscar here,

It's been discussed for generations. The age old debate. Are cats better than dogs?

Well, as an upstanding citizen, I won't even honor such a disrespectful discourse with an answer. Neither is better. They are each wonderful in their own ways! However, it's always interesting to see how the public thinks about the differences in their furry companions.

recent study in the Post took a very scientific approach to this debate, looking into specific questions and seeing how each side measured up. I won't give away the entire article there but a few interesting points of comparison that I found particularly compelling.

Cat owners prefer gentler hobbies like reading, writing or spending time in the garden whereas dog owners are into more high intensity activities like sports, yoga, dancing and travel. The authors also drew the conclusion that perhaps the reason for this particular divide was because dogs need to expend more energy on a daily basis than cats do and their owners respond in kind. Another interesting observation was that, as the title of the article states, cat people tend to be more creative but dog people on average make $7,000 per year more than their feline counterparts.

I'm sure some of you will read this article as well as the Post's piece and think to yourself, well that doesn't really sound like me while others will think that's spot on. But regardless of whether you see yourself and your personal proclivities in the piece, it's interesting to think about how much—or little—our pets influence us.

And as a final note, when I was telling Dr. S. about the piece, his first question was: Well how do people who have both cats AND dogs, like myself and Dr. Nick measure up?

Good question, Dr. S. Good question. 

Til' next time, 


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