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A kiss is just a kiss

0044348001567526227.jpgHi All,

Oscar here. 

There are not many people who would disagree with the statement that there are few things in life as wonderful as getting kisses from your dog. Nothing compares to the unconditional love of a dog when the cuddle up tight next to you and give you smooches

And let's get real, while some people take this to an extreme—i'm sure you've seen pictures allll over instagram where it looks like people are practically making out with their pup—for the most part, a gentle lick goes a long way. 

But whether you're one to allow for lip licks from your pooch or are more of the hand licks variety, there has been a long standing question about whether puppy spit is good for you and, if it's OK for them to lick your face at all. The biggest reason for this question comes from the fact that dogs put ALL sorts of things into their mouths, many of which you'd likely want as far away from your face as humanly possible.

On the other hand, there has been evidence of the fact that much like our mouths, dogs carry many "disinfectants or antimicrobial compounds" hence why mouth wounds heal faster than other wounds.

So with these conflicting pros vs. cons to consider, what should you do when it comes to your dog's tongue? Best bet? According to an article by Jennifer Tsang in Inverse, you should keep them away from open wounds and mucus membranes, but some love and kisses elsewhere are just fine.

TIl' next time.

Keep the kisses comin'.


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