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The Animal Olympics

Hi All,

Oscar here. 

Did anyone else have a rough week? I most certainly did. I don't know if it was the tease of summer with that unseasonable 72 degree day followed promptly by a precipitous temperature drop and non-stop rain. Or more likely, the nonstop news coverage of everything terrible that's going on in our world. Either way, it was a pretty terrible week.

So how do I like to relax after weeks like that? Well for starters, I surround myself by people I love and care about. And then? I deep dive into the world of internet animals to search high and low for the cutest kittens and pudgiest puppies the world wide web can offer.

This week, I stumbled upon some incredible gems, including a few exceptionally timely ones below. Since the Olympics ended yesterday, consider this my contribution to holding on to the world's greatest sporting competition just a little big longer. Example one:

Yep. You are correct. That is in fact a kitten tiptoeing around a tiny bobsled. But wait, you want more? What about this little kitty doing his best impression of snowboarding?

Oh? You want to see some puppies? How about these little guys playing puppy hockey?

Charlotte Mcklenburg Animal Care and Control, in a brilliant marketing ploy, hosted the animal Olympics to get people to adopt these cute critters. The videos above are just a sampling of their full winter sports rundown and even if the actual Olympic games aren't your thing, there's no way these won't hold some appeal. So have a look. I can guarantee it will lift your spirits.

Til' next time,


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