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Kitties Need Checkups Too

Hi All,

Oscar here.

Take a look at that kitty there. Yup, the one in the bag poking her little head out. Thats Lola. Aside from the fact that we look fairly similar (being black cats and all), were also related. Lola belongs to Dr. Silvermans daughter, Jamie. I think she may be older than me but I feel pretty comfortable calling her adorable.

photo-3A month or so ago, Jamie called up her dear dad with concerns that Lola was missing some patches of hair on her neck that she seemed to be pretty vigorously scratching at. Shed even scratched one so hard that shed drawn blood! Jamie was very worried about her sweet little kitty and knew she should take her to the PPAC for a checkup. Unfortunately, she also knew that there was literally nothing Lola hated more than being put in a carrier and taken out of the comforts of her home (wellother than the vacuum cleaner perhaps), so she tried to keep this as a final resort.

She asked Dr. S. if he had any quick fix suggestions in the meantime and dad said that perhaps the scratching was a result of a food allergy—even once a cat has been on a specific diet for a long while, they can develop allergies to it (who knew?!) so he sent her home with some new food and instructions to watch her wounds.

A few weeks later, Lola seemed to be scratching less and her cut was mostly healed. Relieved, Jamie felt comfortable that the problem had been solved. A bit more time passed and Jamie was cuddling Lola one day when she felt a bump on her neck. Assuming the worst (cancer? tumor?!) Jamie called Dr. dad and said she was bringing Lola home that weekend to be looked at.

Sunday came around and after attempts to manipulate Lola into the carrier by way of catnip and three failed attempts during which scratches were sustained, Jamie finally got Lola in. The kitty cried her way to Brooklyn and was miserable on the train. But the fun didnt stop there. When they got to the PPAC, Dr. S. tried to give Lola a checkup (her first in a long while!) to no avail. Lola was about as good a patient as she was a passenger and had to be sedated to allow the doc to get a closer look. Dr. S. had a look at the bump and said it appeared to be a tumor of some sort. Though he didnt believe it was an issue, he thought it was a good idea to remove it while she was out just in case. A short time later, Lola was roused from anesthesia and in recovery. And although it ended up being nothing, Jamie knew she would have never forgiven herself if the bump had ended up being something more sinister.

Although it can be a HUGE pain in the butt to bring a cat in for a checkup, its very important to make sure your cats get checked out by a vet on a regular basis. So be a smart pet owner. And even though the expression goes dogs have owners, cats have staff, once a year, you have to show your kitty whos boss. Itll be in both of your best interests.

Til next time,


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