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'Tis the Season of Shedding

Hi All,

Oscar here.

Hope you're enjoying the weather as it finally starts to turn warm! Bout time, am I right?

Well, as you shed your layers in favor of slightly more revealing, cooler clothes, optimal for maximum sun—and maximum coolness, we animals have a somewhat parallel experience happening. It's shedding season.

If you have a pet, take a look around your house. Do you notice anything? Look closely and you'll probably see an abundance of fur gently gracing your furniture, clothes, potentially even dishes (animal hair has a pesky tendency to get just about everywhere!) This is because with the changing season, animals also shed a layer of their fur. During the winter, cats and dogs need a nice warm layer of fur to keep them cozy. But now that it's getting warmer out, the need is not as great to have this extra warmth so off it goes!

Now cats, fastidious as we are about grooming ourselves, will be going at it this time of year, licking and grooming to clear away any unwanted fur. So, on top of the extra cat hair you'll notice around your abode, you may also notice us having more hairballs than usual. Good news is, this is more of an inconvenience for you than anything to worry about.

As far as dogs go, this change will pretty much just result in some extra fur all around. So maybe keep Fido off the furniture this month if that is something you're concerned about.

Otherwise, shedding season is completely normal and absolutely nothing to worry about.

Til' next time,


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