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The Great Guinea Pig

Hi All,

Oscar here.

Were you one of the lucky folks who had pets growing up? Or were you one of those kids who nagged and nagged, threw tantrum after tantrum, attempted to smuggle pets into the house (that at that age you assumed your parents couldnt possibly discover) only to have the cute kitten youd kept housed in your closet found and promptly delivered to the local animal rescue organization?

GUINEA-PIG-WEIGHT-L_786613iOr perhaps you had parents who though not willing to acquiesce for a cat or a dog, instead opted to bring home a rodent—a rat, hamster or guinea pig—under the hope that these little critters would keep you quiet for at least a bit of time and be much less of a responsibility/hassle but it bit them in the butt when they found out that rodents can be just as much of a nuisance as other pets—hamsters breed like crazy, who ever really gets over that rats tail and guinea pigswell they smell pretty darn bad.

Dont get me wrong, Im not trying to hate on these pets-theyre just often times not a childs first choice. That said, there are homes where rodents reign supreme. As was the case with a recent client of Dr. S.

Last week, a woman brought her guinea pig into the PPAC stating that the lil pig was having trouble urinating. Dr. S. had a look and discovered a stone in her urethra which was creating an obstruction. Dr. S. catheterized the patient in order to send the stone back into her bladder (kind of like pushing a wine cork into the bottle to get at the good stuff if you dont have a corkscrew handy!)

The next day, Dr S. sedated the guinea pig in order to perform a cystotomy to remove the stone. But this pesky stone wanted to stay put and lodged in the urethra. Dr. S. donned his massage gloves and massaged the urethra until the stone popped out. Success!

It boggles my mind how anyone could perform a procedure on such a tiny patient but I guess thats why they call him Doctor!

Til next time,


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