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Five dogs, Four humans, One office

Hi All,

Oscar here.

UnknownIts finally hot out! YAY! Even though I while away my days wobbling around indoors, the air seems to change when its warm out. People get happier. Dogs run free in the park. Cops pick up said dogs and bring them in for questioning.

Ok waiiit. That cant be right. Back up a second.

Last week, two cops brought in a dog theyd seen running free in Prospect Park minus any pet-parents. They checked out his rabies tag and saw that he had been registered at the PPAC so they brought him on over. Dr. S. donned his detective cap to try to identify the runaway. First, he checked the pooch for a micro-chip. No chip was found. Next, the doc looked in the medical records associated with the rabies tag. Aha! A match!

At about the same time as the dog was being identified, another client walked in with his two rhodesian ridgebacks and his buddy who owned two whippets. At this point, there are five large dogs just hanging out in the waiting room of the PPAC. I pride myself on not being too much of a scaredy cat but that was a LOT of dog for me. I made myself scarce.

Anyway, while all five dogs were hanging out, a call had been placed to the runaway poochs owner who was headed over to the clinic to retrieve his lost bud. When he arrived on the scene, he first thanked the cops and the PPAC. Then, he told everyone that his aunt had recently died and had left a large amount of money to the Westchester Humane Society. He was headed there later that day to deliver the donation. If that aint animal-loving karma, I dont know what is!

Love me a happy ending.

Til next time,


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