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Three Legged Cat

Hi All,

Oscar here.

Four is not always better than three. And more is not always better than less. Shockingly, this is particularly so when it comes to the legs of an animal. You might be sitting there thinking, What the heck is this guy talking about? And truth be told, four legs are certainly nice. But fortunately, when it comes to four legged critters such as ourselves, we can genuinely make do with fewer legs than those we were given by birth. 20140528_092530

Last week, a kitty came into the Prospect Park Animal Clinic with a severely swollen leg that was hard to the touch. Even though the doc had a sneaking suspicion that the swelling was caused by osteosarcoma, or bone cancer, and that the leg would have to come off regardless of what a full physical revealed, Dr. S. proceeded as normal.

A checkup and set of X-rays later, his suspicions were confirmed. Fortunately, the X-ray revealed something else—the cancer had not spread to his lungs and was (for now) relegated to the leg. Dr. S. recommended an amputation in order to:

  1. Restore the kittys life to a normal, pain free-existence
  2. Ensure that the cancer didnt spread further around his body which could ultimately prove fatal

The client agreed that amputation seemed like the best choice. The surgery was successful and the leg was removed. And although it might take a bit of time for the kitty to learn how to walk on three legs, I can almost guarantee hell be 100 times happier short a leg but with his life back.

Although it can be scary to think about amputation, sometimes, it is genuinely the way to go to help your pet live out their lives in a pain-free existence.

Onwards, three-legged kitty!

Til next time,


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