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Don't Eat Poop

Hi All,

Oscar here.

If you have a child—or ever were one yourself—youre probably all too familiar with the gentle scoldings to not eat poop. Just because it looks like a tootsie roll doesnt mean itll taste like one. If this scenario rings a bell, you probably know exactly what Im talking about. And if it doesnt, you probably think I sound like a straight up looney. Eating poop? Who does that? Whose children do that??? Whatever. If you have a pet, you get it.

tootsie_roll-2iyqczfUnfortunately, though relatively easy to tell a human child to not eat poop, its far less simple to keep your four legged children away from the tasty offerings that poop seems to present. How many times have you seen one dog eat anothers poop? Or given in to the exotic allure of cat poop? (By the way, cats do NOT participate in this disgusting pastime. We may be known to leave scatological remnants on a carpet or two if were feeling particularly punchy but we would NEVER consume feces!)

Now, dog poop and cat poop are apparently pretty status quo. But heres a new one for you. Horse poop. I mean eating horse poop. Also inadvisable. Also apparently delicious to some dogs.

A dog came into Dr. S. office with diarrhea. The owner had no idea what could have caused said diarrhea. Dr. S. conducts a checkup, takes a stool sample and finds strongyloides worm in said stool. A bit of research later, lo and behold, the doc finds out that these worms can be found in horse feces.

Dr. S.: Do you walk your dog in Prospect Park

Client: Yeawhy

Dr. S.: Ever walk him on the bridle path?

Client: Yes

Dr. S.: Have you ever seen your dog eat horse feces

Client: Now that you mention it

Cool. So dogs eat horse poop as well.

Chew on that ladies and gents.

Til next time,


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