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Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My

Hi All,

Oscar here.

In what is possibly the cutest story I've ever heard in all my kitty years, Dr. S. recently told me about a lion, a tiger, and a bear, who were the best of friends. BEST. FRIENDS. And no, this is not the beginning of some weird joke or Aesops fable. Its a real story.

Now that youve picked your jaw up off the floor, I bet youre wondering how the heck this came to be. Well, youre in luck. Thats just what Im about to tell you.

15 years ago, members of NAAS or Noahs Ark Animal Sanctuary, discovered a lion, a tiger, and a bear, all less than a year old, residing in the basement of a drug house where they were being held captive.

Upon discovery, all three appeared to have suffered from various degrees of abuse, ranging from malnourishment (to all three), to the bear, who was squeezed into a too-small harness which he slowly grew out of, as it grew progressively tighter around him, to the lion, whose nose was infected due to his rubbing up against the walls of a too-small crate.

Once rescued, after having endured such trauma, the three had such a tremendous bond, that they couldnt bear to be apart from each other. Well, the NAAS didnt see any reason to stop a good thing so decided to let them live as they were most comfortable—in each others company.

Lucky for these fellas, that was years ago and they have since grown old—and up—together, in peace and safety.

Til next time,


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