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Tired as a dog

Hi all,

Oscar here.

Im sure youve heard the expression—dog tired.

Now, many expressions exist for a reason—needle in a haystack, kill two birds with one stone, etc. These exprhttp---prod.static9.net.au-_-media-2016-01-25-12-40-250116_dawgessions actually make sense—it is truly challenging to find a needle in a haystack.

On the other hand, the expression dog tired, has always befuddled me. As a member of the fairer furry population (cats rule, dogs drool), Id normally be all about taking the opportunity to prove our superiority. However, Im nothing if not fair and to be honest, this expression never really made sense to me. I dont really think of dogs as being exceptionally tired creatures.

Case in point, just last week, I read an article about a dog in Alabama who by accident ran a half marathon. Ludivane, a bloodhound from Elkmont, was out with her mom for a walk when they happened upon the Trackless Train Trek half marathon. Never one to turn down the chance to run with some awesome humans, Ludivane decided to commit to the endeavor and ran the whole half marathon, in a pretty incredible time—1.32.56. She came in seventh place and got a medal for her efforts.

With a time like that, I think its pretty fair to say that dog tired is a misused expression.

Henceforth, in Ludivanes honor, I will strike this phrase from my vocabulary. And I strongly advise you all to do the same. Its an insult to Ludivane and her furry friends.

Til next time,


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