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Beautiful yet dangerous

Hi All,

Oscar here. Im sure that after reading the title of this blog, you were anticipating a tale reminiscent of a soap opera-think The Bold and the Beautiful.

Well, sorry to disappoint—this blog is not going to be one of those stories.

It is however geaster-lily (1)oing to be a story about something that externally appears to be quite beautiful but, when left in the wrong hands (or paws), can be very very dangerous.

Last week, a two and a half year old kitty came into the PPAC vomiting and just feeling generally crappy. Dr. S. asked the owners if anything had happened that perhaps could have led to these symptoms but they said that nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

Dr. S. took a look and after a full examination revealed, well, not a whole lot in terms of causes for the upchucking, the doc decided to draw blood to see if it would reveal anything of consequence.

Back came the blood tests and lo and behold, there was evidence of severe kidney impairment, which was unlikely to have occurred without some sort of toxic ingestion. The doc. pressed the owners a bit further and after some gentle prodding, the mom and dad confessed that they had in fact had a bouquet of lilies in their home and that it was possible that the cat had eaten large quantities of said plant.

Well, you may not have known this but lilies contain a chemical which is highly toxic to a cats kidneys. Unfortunately, in this particular instance, the amount of time that had passed between ingestion, investigation and identification had allowed for the toxic substance to make its way into the young cats blood where it had created permanent and irreversible damage. Left with no option, Dr. S. recommended that to avoid the cats imminent suffering, the only option was to put the poor guy down.

The owners acquiesced and the cat is now resting in peace.

I know this is an incredibly sad, depressing story and I didnt mean to bring you down but, I felt like the story was worth sharing for two very important reasons:

  1. If you are a frequent reader of my blogs, you know that I write often about items that are toxic to pets, like in this blog, this blog and this blog among others. Well, the reason for this is that items that we can eat without any harm are often super dangerous to your pets. And as the representative of the animal kingdom, I feel like its my obligation to keep you apprised of all such things.
  2. You should view your vet as your helper in raising your pet. Its never worth it to not be completely honest with them because that could in fact hinder a diagnosis that could save your pets life, as was the case with this sad tale. So, never be less than honest with your vet—your pets life could depend on it .

Til next time,


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