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An impossible decision

Hi All,

Oscar here.

I want you to take a moment to think about your best friend. How much fun you have with them. How much you love having them around you.

Ok, now, think about what would happen, if you were presented with the decision to either lose your best friend, or your home?! I know! Its a scenario that no one should ever come across, but, that a client at the PPAC was recently faced with.

Backing up a bit, a very long term client of Dr. S. had a situation a month or so ago, where her apartment was basically overrun with flies. She called her landlord to sort it out, only to be told that the flies were a result of her cat and that she either needed to get rid of the cat, or face eviction. What the what?!

Devastated at the prospect of losing her home, she called up some friends and asked them to take her beloved cat to the PPAC where a new, loving home would hopefully be found. In this impossible situation, she was at least mildly comforted by the fact that a new family was an option for her pet.

Shortly thereafter (probably after spending a night without her cuddle buddy), she promptly changed her mind and told Dr. S. to hold off on trying to adopt the cat out—she was going to fight her landlord with all she had to get him to change his mind.

Were not sure where the situation will net out, but Id like to hope that love for her pet will allow this sweet woman to conquer all.

Ill be sure to keep you posted on how everything turns out.

Til next time,


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