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Bernie and the Brazil Nuts

Hi All,

Oscar here.

This past weekend was a major cause for celebration—Dr. and Mrs. S. eldest daughter, Sydney, got married to a lovely young fellow (yup, Im officially an old man) named David. All weekend long, family and friends were in town, celebrating, preparing, eating and drinking.

It was in the midst of all this excitement, that a cup full of brazil nuts (which had of course been picked out of the trail mix because who likes those big nuts anyway), somehow managed to find its way onto the table in the Silverman household. The cup sat unattended to for a while until a sneaky individual spotted it.

Brazil nuts in a hand made wooden spoon

Bernie Silverman, ever the strategic thinker, decided to take advantage of the tumult, grabbed the cup, and consumed not one, not two, but the entire cup of brazil nuts. He almost successfully got away with the maneuver until Nick Silverman spotted him mid chew of the last nut.

After about a minutes thought, Nick goes, oh crap, brazil nuts can cause selenium toxicity, a condition which if untreated, can cause hair loss, garlic odor on the breath, fatigue, vomiting and in extreme cases, cirrhosis of the liver anddeath. Bottom line, its not to be treated lightly. To put things into perspective, consuming 6 or so brazil nuts a day can cause this toxicity within humans, and Bernie ate THE ENTIRE CUP. Hes much much smaller than a human.

Acting fast, both Dr. S. whisked Bernie down to the clinic where they proceeded to induce vomiting by administering an emetic called amorphine. Once he had puked, they then had him eat up some activated charcoal— an adsorbent that collects whatever in the system shouldnt be there. Have you ever had a friend who drank wayyyy too much alcohol and was at risk of getting alcohol poisoning if the booze didnt come out of their system? The treatment for alcohol poisoning is the same.

A short while (and a tar-colored puke) later, Bernie was happily prancing around the house, toy in his mouth, with a mere trace of charcoal on his beard as indication of what had just transpired.

Luckily, the weekend remained one of celebration with a mild side of emergency.

So with that, Ill sign off with a congrats to the happy new couple.

Til next time,


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