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High blood pressure - not just for humans

Hi All,

Oscar here.

A lot of humans struggle with a little thing called high blood pressure. The stress of our crazy lives, the love of salty food—it all contributes to this malady.

Not surprisingly, humans are not the only mammals who suffer from this—dogs and cats do, too. What is surprising however, is that the way it presents itself (as well as the symptoms that come with it), bear very little resemblance to those of its human disease counterpart.

A condition thats prevalent in cats and dogs alike, high blood pressure presents in a number of different ways:

  1. Acute blindness
  2. Animals who appear to wander aimlessly
  3. Animals who look depressed or agitated
  4. Seizures
  5. Hemorrhages in the eyes (from blown out blood vessels)

Now, there are a number of different factors that contribute to high blood pressure in pets and its causes vary from animal to animal. In cats, blood pressure issues can be caused by hyperthyroidism (a condition where the thyroid produces an excess of the thyroid hormone) as well as kidney disease. When it comes to dogs, diabetes, Cushing disease (a condition where the pituitary gland releases too many hormones) and kidney disease are the main culprits.

The good news is, although these conditions are fairly common in animals, they can be treated easily with medicine. So if you notice your pet exhibiting any of these symptoms, bring them straight into the PPAC for a look-see from one of the vets. It could mean the world to your animal if you catch it early enough.

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