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When outdoor business comes indoors

Hi All,

Oscar here.

Its happened to all of us. That moment where you get a little nervous. Or maybe that cute cat looks at you in just that way and you cant help it. Or maybe you just really need to go.

Im talking about accidentally peeing yourself, just a little. You know-a few drops here or there. It never hurt anyone. But, for some dogs out there, this isnt just an every now and again type of deal but rather something that happens too often to be an accident.

Last week, an older, spayed, female dog was brought in with a concerned parent—apparently, shed been having incontinence issues where there were none before. A previously well trained dog was doing her outside business indoors—on the floor, on the bed—you name it.

Doctor S. asked all the standard questions—was she having difficulty peeing outside? Was she straining? Was there blood in her urine? If the answer to any of these questions had been yes, her urinary issues would likely have been a result of a urinary tract infection.

But when the answer was a no, on a hunch, the doc took a urine sample and a urine culture to rule out the possibility of a UTI. When the tests came back negative, the doc concluded that as suspected, the poochs recent leakage was a result of a weakening of urinary tract muscles—a sad but true side effect of old age.

The good news is, other than causing minor embarrassment (and minor inconvenience to her owner), this particular problem is not terribly serious and is definitely treatable. Theres a drug on the market which tightens the urethral sphincter. So once the pooch starts taking the meds, leaking will begone!

Til next time,


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