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Passover and Pets

Hi All,

Oscar here. Hope youve been enjoying this gorgeous spring weather! I sure am!

With Spring, comes many holidays and festivities. And though Easter is over, Passover is fast approaching, so if you live in a Jewish household, right about now, youre probably witnessing your parents running around the house, scrambling to get ready for the upcoming holiday. To prepare, your humans need to remove all elements of bread products, or chametz, from their homes, and their possession—not an easy feat.

First off, I want you to take a moment to appreciate how lucky you are to be an animal right now—you get to sit pretty while the humans scramble. OK. That was nice. Now that thats done with, I wanted to help you help your owners out.

Within Judaism, there are various levels of observance when it comes to the holidays (and to Judaism in general.) Some people are super strict, others are less so. Passover is one of those holidays that can go either way—some owners may go all out and literally look in every nook and cranny for any bread while others are a bit more content to let a little bread slide. No judgement either way—just giving you the low down.

Anyway, the point of all this background, is to let you know that for some ultra- observant folks, Passover prep involves removing bread product that can be found in pet food as well. Just like they eliminate bread from their diets for a week and a half, they want to make sure to not have any in their homes and therefore remove it from their pets diets as well.

Since as aforementioned, regardless of how strict or not strict your humans are, they are likely quite busy , if you want to help them out, give them a little lick or an ankle rub to get their attention. Then show them these lists of kosher for Passover pet food. Trust me, theyll be super appreciative for your help.

Heres a list of kosher for Passover dog food

And heres one for cats.

Happy Passover.

Til next time,


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