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Things are about to get messy

Hi All,

Oscar here. When adults reach a certain age, it sometimes happens that they can no longer care for themselves. They lose certain faculties and often even the ability to take care of themselves. Sometimes this is a result of nothing more than age. Sometimes its caused by an illness. At this point, some people choose to put their elderly relative or friend into an assisted living home. Others instead opt to move this person into their own home so they can help them out 24/7.

Todays story involves a PPAC client who fell into the latter category. This womans mother developed alzheimers and after she reached a point where she needed to be with someone who could be with her on a day-to-day basis, she decided to take matters into her own hands and moved her mom in with her. Right now, you may be scratching your head, wondering where this story is going/what is its relevance to our cause! Well, patience good readers.

This kind woman recently brought her cat into the PPAC. The cat had been vomiting and just seemed to not be feeling very well. When Dr. S. asked what the issue was, it turned out that this woman had put automatic soap dispensers all over her house to easily clean her soiled hands after some of the moredelicate aspects of caring for her mother.

Now, if you have a cat, you know how sensitive we are to noises—both those we like and those we dont like. Well, apparently, this particular kitty had become fond of the noise made by the soap dispenser, mid-dispense. On top of that, perhaps a desire to experience the soap with all his senses, caused him to taste said soap. Repeatedly. All around the house. Soap is not a part of a balanced cat diet and this behavior obviously caused the poor kitty to get sick.

I dont mean to sound judgmental and dont get me wrong, Ive eaten a LOT of things that some may deem highly questionable. Poop. A bit of litter here and there. My own fur. But I cant imagine eating soap. To each their own I suppose..

Anyway, the doc took care of said kitty with an anti-emetic (to control vomiting) and fluids to help flush the toxins out from his body. Then, he sent him on his merry way with a word of advice to his mom to keep him away from his new found passion for soap consumption.

The tales of strange but true continue

Til next time,


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