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Passover for Pets

Hi All,

Oscar here.

Has anyone noticed how many posts I write about holidays? I write about pet food, pet gifts, pet holiday warnings. Pet dos and donts. Its all highly relevant and informative (obvi) but I did notice my apparent predilection for holiday themed musings. Well, guess what? This is another one!

The holidays are approaching (perhaps Im always writing about holidays because holidays are ALWAYS approaching!). Easter is coming up on April 20th and Passover starts on Monday night! So exciting. Unfortunately, if you were hoping for an Easter themed post, youre out of luck. Im a Jewish cat and therefore far more versed in Judaism, which is why Ill be focusing on Passover today.

If you are a person who keeps kosher for Passover, you get how complicated it can be for humans. And how much more so it can be for pets! Its not just about eliminating bread products from your house-theres a whole slew of other restrictions.So, when it comes to your pets, what can they eat on this holiday!? A lot of pet food has bread products in it and/or other foods that are typically not consumed over the holiday. Ive done some research to find out some options for the kosher-conscious household. Here goes:

  1. Feed your pets human food thats kosher for Passover, (though this may be easier said than done). First off, matzah (the bread substitute for the holiday) can be ermbinding for humansand for animals. Just be careful not to give us too much. Also, if this is the route you choose to go, you still need to be conscious of not giving pets foods that are harmful to their health. Libby (R.I.P.) definitely covered off on these topics in some previous posts. Here, here and here are quick reminders of some foods to be sure to avoid.
  2. Option two is to eat specific brands of pet food that have been approved for Passover. Heres a pretty comprehensive list of options.

Not really tons of choices but hey, Im a cat. If you have more questions, there are TONS of resources to check out. Here are a few:

  1. Star-K
  2. Pet food for passover
  3. Kashrut.com

Have a happy Passover (and Easter) everybody!

Til next time,


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