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Oscar here. Have you ever heard of SIBO? No- not Cee-Lo (though that guy is awesome—just look at how much he loves his cat!). No? I guess that makes sense. Why would you have heard of it? Allow me to explain. SIBO is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. And the only reason I know about this condition is because last week, I heard about a case of it buzzing around the PPAC. The patient in question? The beloved pet of a close family friend of the Silvermans named Emma.

Emma, a three year old pooch, had chronic digestive issues including intermittent diarrhea as well as appetite and weight fluctuations. Unfortunately, (for Emma at least- we loved seeing her!) she was a regular client at the PPAC as a result of her health issues. Its never fun seeing a young dog get sick so often so Dr. S. was especially determined to find out what was wrong with her.

The first time she came in, Dr. S. conducted an examination and took a stool sample, looking to see if there were any specific bacteria in her stool that could be causing the problem. He found nothing to indicate that was the issue. As a first course of treatment, he tried to change her diet and gave her low-residue food-food with very little fiber. Since the issue seemed to be emanating from her small intestines, the food she ate needed to be easily digested so the intestines didnt have to work very hard to get it out of her body. He sent her home hoping she would heal up.

Unfortunately, a short time later, he got a call from his friends notifying him that changing her diet didnt seem to help. Next step was prescribing antibiotics. This course of treatment seemed to help Emma feel better for a bit. But all good things must come to an end (I know- how maudlin of me), and Emmas parents called Dr. S. frantically one day saying that they feared Emma was on deaths doorstep—she was vomiting violently, had raging diarrhea and wouldnt eat anything. Her parents were understandably freaked! Dr. S. had his friends bring Emma back on in.

Once more, he took a stool sample and upped the ante by doing tests to see if Emma had deficiencies of vitamin b12 and folate in her system. These tests came back with a conclusive result—Emma had SIBO (which as we learned before has to do with a bacteria in the small intestine). From this test, the good doctor learned that Emma had a food allergy so he started her on a diet of food that was non-allergen causing—namely, venison and sweet potato. On top of changing her diet, he also put her on intravenous fluids and antibiotics and sent her home with probiotics to help repopulate her gut with good bacteria.

After spending some time recuperating at the PPAC, she seemed to be improving and the doc sent her back home. A few days later, he got a call from his friends telling him that he was a miracle worker—Emma was doing much much better.

Heres hoping she continues on the road to recovery!

Til next time,


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