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Baby You're a Firework

Hi All,

The incomparable Katy Perry (dont judge me-I cant help that I love pop!), singer of the incredibly catchy song Firework seen below, couldnt have said it better. Baby, youre a firework!

Although if were going to be accurate here, it would probably be Baby youre scared of fireworks!.

Are you picking up where Im going with all of this fireworks business? If youre not, you need to come out from under that rock and be reminded that this weekend is July 4th! Bbqs, beaches and boredom-banishment aplenty!

But, as much fun as you are sure to have on this fabulous long weekend, as always, Ill be the voice of reason and remind you about a couple of fourth of July health warnings that relate to your pets. Im posting a bit early to make sure you can maximize my sage wisdom. Here goes:

  1. BBQ Bones- you know the drill- weve discussed this before. Chicken drumsticks are great. They are not so great when they get picked up by a ravenous pooch, chewed on and end up stuck in their throat or intestines (which could mean surgery!). Dispose of these bad boys appropriately and tie up any garbage bags!
  2. Fireworks-I always fondly remember the Silvermans late dog—Amie—who was petrified of fireworks. Ive never met a dog who shook as violently the second the sky filled with colorful sparks as their former beloved pet. And Amie is not alone in her fear—lots of dogs are terrified of the loud noises and bright lights. Probably best to put the pooches away before the sparks start flying
  3. Pools- great for a cooling dip on a hot day. Not so great if youre a dog who doesnt know how to swim. Keep those dogs away from the pools unless theyve proven their doggy paddle abilities!
  4. Water- As Nelly said, Its getting hot in here. Well actually, its getting hot out there. And sadly, your pets cant take off all their clothes as Nelly suggests. But you can be a diligent pet owner and make sure your pooch is sufficiently hydrated- make sure to keep water out and available for your dogs if theyre getting their tan on in the sun.

Be safe out there and have amazing fourths of July!

Til next time,


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