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Hi All,
Oscar here. Do you remember The Real World? If you dont (and bless your heart-it means youre a real youngun), it was basically the first iteration of reality TV that we ever experienced. At the time an incredibly novel idea–filming real people living real lives—this concept is now so commonplace on our TV screens that shows like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, the Voice, even Dating Naked, dont seem weird to us. But you didnt really think I just went through a brief history of reality TV for nothing, did you? Of course not. My reason for this little TV info sesh is purely selfish. I have an idea for a new TV show. Its going to be called Miraculous Cats. Catchy, right? The premise is basically going to be about amazing cats doing amazing, life-defying feats. I even have a great first story for the show. Here goes.

Last week, Dr. S. was chatting with a long term client of his—a woman who also happens to be a diabetic. As a cat, I have the unique ability to eavesdrop without anyone being any the wiser and I was doing just that while pretending to take a nap (my eyes were shut but my ears were wide open). Anyway, this woman was recounting to Dr. S. how her cats had saved her on not one but two occasions. In both instances, shed apparently entered into hypoglycemic shock and passed out on the floor of her home. The first time her cats came to the rescue, her kitty started howling when he noticed her on the floor, so much so that she finally came to. The second time, same thing happened but her kittys excessive licking of her face ultimately brought her around.

Pretty amazing story, right? Imagine what would have happened if they hadnt found and saved her. Not to mention the level of intuition displayed by both cats when they noticed their owner was in danger and, their quickness to react.

I think its pretty amazing what we animals are capable of and if that doesnt warrant having our own TV show, then I dont know what does.

Til next time,


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