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Where does your pet sleep?

Hi All,

Oscar here.

Bernie Silverman sleeps in a bed near the foot of Dr. and Mrs. Silverman's bed. Tina and I sleep on the rug in their room.

Ebbie, Annie, Lucy, Deeny and Dexter Ferguson/Silverman sleep in the same bed as Dr. S. the younger and Dr. Ferguson.

Lola Silverman sleeps in bed with Jamie.

Iggy and Ziggy sleep in the living room of the Kaplan/Silverman household.

Why am I sharing intimate details of the sleeping arrangements of the entire Silverman family (and extended) clan? Because there is a general belief that being bedfellows with your pets inherently results in a poor nights sleep for both parties involved.

A recent study in the Times however dispels this notion. To test the theory, dogs wore something called a Fitbark which basically attaches to a pooch's collar and records when an animal is resting, sleeping or playing over the course of the day. The human companions donned an Actiwatch 2 which is a sleep monitor. After evaluating the results, researchers determined that neither party slept more or less poorly as a result of sharing a bed/bedroom.

The exceptions to these rules were in instances where:

  • The pet or owner were elderly
  • The pet was very young
  • There was a new baby in the household
  • The pet or owner were snorers or very restless sleepers

So guess it turns out that we can share the bed with you after all (which I know will make most of us very happy.) And I imagine that those humans who enjoy the feeling of curling up next to a warm furry body will feel relief knowing that it's good for everyone involved.

Til' next time,


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