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Hi All,

Oscar here.

When you think about animals you're likely to run into in the big ole city of NYC, it's probably dogs, cats, rats, mice, maybe even an odd raccoon here and there. But you probably don't spend too much time worrying about wild animals like coyotes. But it might be time you start.

On top of the fact that we are all pretty freaked out about the whole coronovirus thing, now we also apparently have to worry about wild animals running amok in the streets of NYC—Central Park to be exact. And the whole impeachment thing seeming to go nowhere!! Will the craziness never stop????

Ok. Oscar, take a deep breath. According to an article in the NYTimes, while there may be a coyote at large, coyotes are not worth freaking out about just yet and don't pose any threat to you or your pets. While it's unclear if there are one or two of these animals running loose, thus far, the animal hasn't bothered anyone or caused any real trouble. That said, if you are out and happen to run into Wile.E.Coyote, Katie Stennes, a Park Slope resident who works at Project Coyote has some tips to keep you—and your pets— safe:

  • Try to stay at least 150 feet away from a coyote, but if you’re much closer, don’t panic
  • Act big and loud to remind it that you’re not its friend
  • Coexisting with coyotes is pretty easy just don’t feed them, and pick up your trash

Bottom line, treat these coyotes like you would any other resident of NYC—keep your distance and don't get too close or friendly—and they'll leave you alone.

Til' next time,


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