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Hi all,

Oscar here.

I hope you all had wonderful Mother's Days (though truth be told, we don't really need a special day to celebrate those special women who gave birth to us!). But on the topic of women, this week's blog talks about a condition that is most often—though not always—relegated to women. That condition is breast cancer.

Last week, a 17 year old cat came into the PPAC who was bleeding from an unknown location. A checkup revealed a tumor on the cat in the breast area. This discovery led Dr S. to ask the pet's mom if the cat had been spayed a bit later in life rather than as a kitten. He asked because, when a cat has been spayed after going through a few heats, they are more susceptible to breast cancer so it was an understandable guess for the doc to make. Turns out however that was apparently not true with this cat.

Well, the kitty definitely needed to have the tumor taken out so the doc did blood work, a urine test, and took some chest x-rays to make sure that the kitty was a decent candidate for surgery. When all the tests came back A-OK, the doc went in and took that tumor out. The bleeding has stopped and the kitty is on the mend.

Just like humans, cats can sometimes get breast cancer so be on the lookout for any bizarre lumps or bumps on your kitty's body.

Til' next time,


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