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Love in the Time of Corona

Hi All,

Oscar here.

Well, it's official, the world has turned upside down. I hope everyone and their families are doing well and taking care of one another. As most of you know, we have temporarily closed the doors of the PPAC to do our part to help limit any potential spread of the virus. Please keep in touch for information on when we will reopen. 

Since in the forseeable future, things seem pretty scary and uncertain, I'm going to take a break from the usual stories about medical cases at the PPAC and instead focus on light hearted content to give everyone at least a little mental break each week. 

So, as you've prepped for who knows what, I'm sure you've gone out and purchased endless supplies of toilet paper, cookie dough, pet food (of course) and enough food to last for at least a month. But, what you may not have considered bringing home, but definitely should now, is drumroll please.....a pet!

Now I.know most of you are already proud pet parents. But think about how you feel each time you cuddle your pet. Their little furry bodies next to yours. The face kisses. The rubs and hugs and endless adoration? Now, imagine DOUBLING IT. Yep. How you ask? Fostering, of course!

According to an article in the Times, fostering is up a ton since the Covid-19 outbreak. I mean just think about it. Things seem kind of bleak right now and whether you have a pet or are curious about having one in the future, now is a great time to give it a shot. It's really a win win situation. You get a furry buddy to keep you company—and to force you to go out for air+walks at least three times a day. And they get a loving home to pass the time with.

Even though new human relationships are not likely budding in the near future, this is one relationship everyone could benefit from.

Til' next time,


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