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Hi All,

Oscar here.

Last week we had quite an unexpected animal come into the office—a bunny rabbit—whose mom and dad wanted to spay her! I think it's fair to assume that when you think about spaying and neutering, you're probably thinking about dogs and cats—not bunnies. That said, bunnies make great pets so it's not really all that surprising when people want to bring them home.

Just like most pets, there are lots of good reasons to spay your bunny. There are however a few things to keep in mind that mostly involve prep and post procedure for the spay itself:

  • Bunnies can eat up until the surgery and immediately after because they are incapable of vomiting so you don't have to worry about special food limitations or anything like that.
  • Next, the anatomy of bunnies are unlike those of a cat or dog—they have no uterine body-only uterine horns that empty into the vagina—so it's super important that the incisions (cuts) are made in the right place during the procedure.
  • Last but not least, it's super important that rabbits get spayed—there's a 75-80% chance of uterine cancer over the course of the rabbit's life and this number goes down when the bunny is spayed.

Long story short, the spay was a success and the bunny happily chowed down right after the procedure. And if you are the proud owner of a bunny, you can, and should, spay your pet, too!

Til' next time,


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