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Hi All,

Oscar here.

Sorry for my radio silence last week. I was on vacation in France. Just kidding. I wasn't but the human who usually helps me write these blogs (a lack of opposable thumbs makes typing a challenge) was, so I relished the opportunity to take a much needed break. But I'm back and ready to post!

So last week, an adorable little coton di tulear came into the PPAC with an eye that was all inflamed. Dr. S. took a look at the eye and saw that it was bulging out of its socket. His first guess? Glaucoma, or increased pressure in the eye. So he did a pressure test and also discovered what appeared to be a tumor that may have been pressing up against the eye and causing the glaucoma. Dr. S. started the pooch on a round of glaucoma meds to see if that fixed poochy up.

The next day, the pooch and his owner came back into the office. The owner was vaguely hysterical, saying that the eye was much worse and she's ready to remove the eye. Take it out, take it out, she said! It may sound extreme but it was actually quite touching to see this woman care so deeply for her pet that all she wanted was for him to feel better.

Dr. S. agreed that the best course of action was to remove the eye so out it came. Once out of the eye socket, Dr. S. wanted to conduct a biopsy on the eye to find out exactly what was going on so he sent a sliver of it away for testing. Well, turns out, there was a tumor in there. But the best news? The biopsy was benign so although the eye did have to come out, the tumor wasn't going to spread anywhere. Better to be down an eye than to have a tumor spreading in your tiny dog body!

Til' next time,


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