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Be careful with bulgy-eyed dogs

Hi all,

Oscar here.

It's been a while since we had one of those blogs that talk about specific health concerns associated with certain breeds of dogs. And since I know they're such a fan favorite, it seemed only fitting to share one this week.

I think it's safe to say that dogs with naturally bulging eyes, like Shitzus, Pugs, Pekignese, Boston Terriers and Bulldogs (to name a few), are adorable. Their tiny little faces with their super stick-outie eyes? Too cute. Unfortunately, with this natural cuteness also comes a natural predilection for corneal ulcers. As you might guess, when something sticks out prominently, it's more inclined to get caught on something (kind of like how humans with extra big feet tend to trip over them!)

True to form, last week, a pug came into the PPAC squinting one of its eyes. A closer look by Dr. S. revealed that the pooch's pupil was very constricted (small) and the doc had a hunch that there might be a scratch on the cornea. An easy way to check for this is with something called fluorescein dye, a dye that when inserted into the eye will naturally stick to any scratches. Well, as expected, the dye stuck to something within the Pug's eye and the doc was able to confirm that he had an ulcer.

Some meds to relieve the pain were administered and the client was sent home with an antibiotic ointment with instructions to care for the pained pug. Five days later, the dog was brought back in for a checkup and was all healed!

Before we go, I also wanted to mention that other than the whole bulgy-eyed thing, corneal ulcers can also be caused by soap getting into a dog's eye either at the groomer or while giving baths at home. So regardless of whether your dog's eyes bulge or not, be extra cautious in these situations.

Til' next time,


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